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Enhance and Maintain Access to Arts Education Across the District

A comprehensive and sustainable arts program requires dedicated art teachers in every TUSD school. I am committed to securing ongoing funding for the arts and will cultivate partnerships with local artists and arts organizations to enhance our arts curriculum and offer students opportunities to engage with the broader artistic community. I will also strive to ensure that access to arts education is equitably available throughout Tucson Unified.

Promote Transparency, Accountability, and Responsible Use of TUSD Resources

I am committed to ensuring that the voices of the TUSD community are heard and respected. To achieve this, I will advocate for the district to be transparent in its activities by ensuring that administration provides regular reports to the board and the public before making decisions. I will also hold the district accountable for addressing issues raised by the public, parents, students, staff, and our internal and external auditors. By working collaboratively with stakeholders, we can establish clear oversight of our resources to maximize their benefit for students and staff.

Close the Achievement Gap through Diverse Opportunities and Personalized Learning

In addition to raising expectations and providing a wide range of opportunities, I will focus on connecting students with the myriad of options available within the district. This includes facilitating access to career and technical education, tutoring services, and alternative education environments. By creating a personalized learning experience for each student, we can ensure that they are engaged and empowered to succeed.

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