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Strengthen & Sustain Arts Education 

A well-rounded and robust arts program necessitates permanent art teachers at every TUSD school. I will continue to fight for ongoing funding for the arts and will foster partnerships with local artists and arts organizations to find new ways to enrich our arts curriculum and provide students with opportunities to engage with the broader artistic community.



Transparency, Accountability, and Collaboration in TUSD

The voices of the TUSD community should be heard and respected and their perspectives should be considered before decisions are made. I will continue to push the district to be transparent with its activities by making sure administration makes regular reports to the board and public before taking action, and I will hold the district accountable to rectify issues highlighted by the public, parents, students, staff and our internal auditor. 

Optimize TUSD Schools, Programs & Departments

Our schools can provide students with invaluable skills and a pathway to career and personal success. One example is TUSD's Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. In my first term, I moved to add .5 units of CTE to our graduation requirements so that all students would be exposed to the program, learn new skills and potentially find a career that they love. My motion did not pass, but I am still working towards this goal. I will continue to look for ways to make our schools, programs and departments more effective and efficient to ensure that educational goals are met, and resources are allocated according to need. I will also continue to take a common sense approach to promoting sustainability initiatives across the district that will protect our local community and encourage our students, staff and TUSD families to adopt environmentally friendly practices at home.

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