Sadie's campaign was centered around promoting inclusivity, diversity, equity, accessibility and transparency in the Tucson Unified School District and so her top three priorities are connected to championing those standards.


Sadie plans to challenge the school-to-prison pipeline that adversely impacts students of color in TUSD.  It is well studied and documented that students of color receive harsher disciplinary actions both by administrators and teachers. A study by the Justice Policy Institute reveals that Black students are suspended or expelled at three times the rate compared to their white peers. In fact, this is also an issue with Latinx and Native American students who make up a lower percentage of the student population but face a greater chance of being suspended, expelled, or arrested from incidents occurring at school.


Sadie believes that TUSD should have a more humane and holistic student code of conduct that is care-based and needs-focused. Instead of punishing, arresting, suspending, or expelling students, TUSD should have more services such as mentorship and counseling where students can develop the interpersonal skills and community support required to work through trauma or other adverse experiences they may be struggling with.

Sadie believes it is necessary to update the district curriculum to be more diverse, inclusive, and ability-focused. Sadie will work to expand the current ethnic studies program within TUSD, while also advocating for the expansion of JTED programs in every TUSD high school. Sadie also understands the importance of art and culture in students' lives. Therefore, she believes the district should be funding full-time art, music, and horticulture teachers for every school in the district.


Sadie is also interested in pursuing a reduction in emphasis on high-stakes standardized testing in TUSD schools. Without the pressure associated with standardized testing, students and teachers would be able to focus on cultivating the quality of the educational experience as a whole, instead of becoming disenchanted by the increasing rigidity of learning environments that require rote memorization of facts and "teaching to the test". 


Finally, Sadie will investigate the current and past budgets to see where the money is being allocated and where it is being misused. It has become apparent following the Red for Ed movement that our nation's teachers bear the burden of budget cuts to education and district-level financial follies. Frankly, it is unacceptable that teachers pay for their classroom supplies out-of-pocket anywhere in the country. It is also unacceptable that many of our TUSD school sites are not fully-functional and operate with a limited supply of technology. Further, Sadie has witnessed herself as both a parent and volunteer of TUSD the inadequacy of school conditions at some sites where necessary supplies like toilet paper and soap were not present in bathrooms. When elected, Sadie promises to make it a priority that resources are funneled to the schools where they are needed most.