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Sadie Shaw is an artist, organizer, art instructor, and activist from Tucson, AZ. She earned a BFA in Art & Visual Culture Education from the University of Arizona in 2019. She served for two years as president of the Sugar Hill Neighborhood Association leading to a renaissance of inclusion, visibility and leadership for the neighborhood's historic families. Through this work as well as her time volunteering with the Tucson Arts Brigade, she was nominated in 2019 by Ward III Council Member, Paul Durham, to serve on the City of Tucson's Public Art & Community Design Committee and currently serves as their Vice Chair. She also serves on the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee for the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona. Sadie's passion for art, community engagement, and activism pushed her to create the Sugar Hill Oral History Project to collect and archive the stories of the neighborhood’s historic residents. This creative project blossomed into the nonprofit she founded, the Sugar Hill Community Land Trust, with the goal of protecting the people and character of one of Tucson's historic Black neighborhoods from gentrification.

Since winning her election in 2020, Sadie has kept her promise to the people to be the independent, critically thinking board member that sticks up for the students, staff, and community when no one will.  As a parent of a student in the district, her service on the board will always center the experience of students and staff. Sadie is committed to fostering true inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility, and transparency within the TUSD community. 

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