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Sadie Shaw offers an imaginative approach to the Tucson Unified School District Governing Board that has led to positive changes in the district since being elected for her first term in 2020. She is determined to keep fighting for accountability and transparency throughout the district and will always listen to the communities voice and input before making any decisions. Sadie believes that the best way to improve our district is to consider the multiple perspectives of the TUSD community. She will continue to advance a culture in the district where students and staff are heard, respected, and involved in the decision-making process. 


In 2020, Sadie decided to run for TUSD Governing Board because her daughter’s school did not have an art class and she wanted to change that--not only for her daughter--but for all students who were under the same conditions. She accomplished this goal within her first six-months in office, although she acknowledges that the arts are still not equitably distributed across the district, and she pledges to make the arts more accessible to students in TUSD,


As a parent of a 5th grader in the district, Sadie has a personal stake in the success of TUSD. Sadie has deep roots in Tucson and TUSD which fuels her commitment to continue to be the constant advocate for students, parents, and staff. Her previous activism and first term on the board has amply prepared her to be a knowledgeable, passionate, and effective board member that will get things done. 

Help Sadie continue the work she started by volunteering, donating, and voting to re-elect Sadie Shaw for TUSD Governing Board!


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